What Death Cannot Take Away February 20, 2013 1 MP3 Download 2 hrs. 11 min. $10.00

Almost every fear can be traced back to the fear of death. In this revealing satsang, Adyashanti describes how meditation can be a conscious form of death -- a rehearsal for the deeper and more significant death: to die before you die. In email answers and dialogues with callers, Adyashanti discusses quotes by two Zen masters, the challenge of extraordinary trauma in childhood, and the core of our being that can be realized even after we feel we have lost everything.  

Topics Include: Entering into Death / Looking through the Latticework of Fear / The Knowing Beyond Knowing / Ramana’s Death Inquiry / The Question that Woke Adyashanti Up / Childhood Trauma and Isolation / The Courage to Share a Difficult Past / The Veil of Impossibility / Touching upon Our Essence

Quotes from this Download: “To let go is what death is all about.” • “Everybody has their difficulty. Nobody gets out unscathed.” • “The One Mind is the universal mind, the All, the everything. It will take you to the end of all the ways you fool yourself, and you will directly encounter the unknown.” • “Really listen inside for the way things are inclined to go. Where does your internal intuitive compass tell you to go?”

Recorded on February 20, 2013.
© 2013 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDR-161